Fathiya says ‘’Hearing empowers us and enables us to live our everyday lives confidently’’

With the recent changes in GP contract, many patients will no longer get Ear Irrigation and/or Micro suction on the NHS. My aim is to provide a solution to the problem by offering a unique, professional clinic and home-based service experience.

If your ears feel blocked up, have a ringing sound, or you have difficulties hearing conversation, the solution may be simple.

My name is Fatxiya Mohamed, also known as Fathiya, I am NMC and RCN registered, owner and head General Practice Ear Care and Ear Wax Removal Specialist of Earicare Company. Earicare has been developed to provide a solution to current problem people face due to ear wax build-up and out of a passion for all ears and better hearing for all.

Fathiya has completed Ear Care, Aural, Ear Irrigation and Microsuction training in Rotherham Ear Care Centre, Audiology services Excellence in treatment and training. She is fully insured, Covid secure and vaccinated. She continues to learn something new every-day and keeps her skills and knowledge up-to-date.